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Flat Bottom Boats:

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Shallow Water Boats

15'4' Gheenoe paddleing

15'4' Gheenoe Hunting

Gheenoe boats are capable of operating  in 4” or more water. In most cases they have less draft than a comparably loaded canoe. Some of our customers report going through shallow water areas where their old canoes used to drag bottom.

The unique hull design originated by Harley Gheen enable Gheenoes to go into shallow water where other boats just can’t go.

If you want to get into the shallows or flats, your Gheenoe will get you there and back.


Car Top Boats

The Gheenoe 13’ and 15’4” can be carried on car tops and in truck beds.  Many of our customers leave TN Trout Bum with their new Gheenoes on top of their vehicles.  Both of these models are favored by our car topping and truck bed hauling customers.

We offer Gheenoe and Dixie Craft trailer packages for those who would rather trailer their new boats and extend the combo pricing to those who have previously bought one of our Gheenoes and later decide they would rather transport it on a trailer.

13' Gheenoe in Pickup Truck

13' Gheenoe on SUV

Boats for Rivers

15'4'  Stability Demo Gheenoe

15'6' Gheenoe Underway

Gheenoe boats are favored by many fishing guides for their stability whether on narrow streams or large rivers. Their stability insures the safety and the success of their client’s outing.

For shallow rocky bottom rivers we offer LineX bottom coatings to protect your investment.  Many guides and other customers prefer to have this protection added to their new Gheenoes but we offer the coatings for older boats as well.

From the Elk River to the larger Cumberland River, TN Trout Bum and Gheenoe have your needs covered with boats that insure your safety and satisfaction on the water.

Any Gheenoe owner will be glad to tell you about this boat.

Over 30 years of Gheenoe history shows the success of the design through satisfied customers all over the world.